Banks Covered Bridge

A wonderful historic covered bridge in between Volant and New Wilmington

  • Banks Covered Bridge was built in 1889,  built entirely out of wood and using a Burr Arch Truss, like most of the covered bridges in Pennsylvania. The foundation is made of stone, but it is supported by steel girders.
  • This is a single lane bridge, meaning you must stop and let the other side go, one car at a time.  Or one buggy at a time on some days.
  • It is painted white, inside, and out, which makes it a uniquely beautiful bridge.
  • This bridge is 121-foot long and 15’ wide, and spans across the Neshannock Creek  in a very scenic rural part of our township.
  • Banks Covered Bridge is still in use today by local and tourists.  Please note that the height clearance is only 8’, 9” and the weight limit is 12 tons.
  • This bridge carries traffic across Covered Bridge Road, to Volant, Gerber Road, or State Route 956. 
  • The builder of this bridge is unknown.  Lawrence County owns and maintains it.  
  • It was repaired in 1999, and again in 2021, at a cost of around $440,000. It is painted white inside and out once again, all wood has been replaced or sanded down and fixed, the decking was repaired or replaced where needed, and the foundation was made safe again.
  • Inside the bridge, you’ll find the historical marker that states: “ In 1980, the historic covered bridge was placed one the National Register of Historic Places.” 
  • The address for  Banks  Covered Bridge is 202 Covered Bridge Road, Volant, Pa 16156.  You may want to use it to find the bridge since it is located on one of our beautiful back roads.
  • Please be respectful of the Amish Buggies crossing the bridge and traveling on our roads as the horses can spook easily if you come upon them quickly, and they travel quite slow compared to our cars.   
  • See slideshow pictures of bridge below.
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