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Tom McCosby: 724-944-7071
For more information about Tom McCosby, click here to visit his website.

Building Information

Interested in building on your Wilmington Township property? Want to put up a fence, shed, deck, pool, or covered porch?

Please see the options and attachments below to determine the best next steps.

Option A:

Call Mr. Farris at 724-944-6340 to determine which building applications you will need.

  • If you want to put in any type of fence, driveway, or sign.
  • If you want to put up any type of construction with a roof, such as covered porch, shed, garage, greenhouse, tarp or pole building.
  • Any type of above or in ground pool.
  • You will need to contact Mr. Farris to make sure you have the proper paperwork filled out, and have proper set-back and zoning requirements.
  • If you need a different application, he can tell you who to call.
  • If not sure what type of application you need, call Mr. Farris first.
  • You are responsible to call 811 before digging anywhere.  You do not want to hit gas, underground electric lines, sewage lines, etc.  

Option B:

Click here to visit Tom McCosby’s website or call him at 724-944-7071.

  • If you are building new construction, additions, or garages with electric.
  • All commercial or industrial applications will go through Mr. McCosby.

Option C: 

Contact Tony Sbarra, our Sewage Enforcement Officer,  at 724-333-4666.

  • Call for any living space additions to make sure sure your sewer system is working properly.
  • You will need to make sure your system is large enough to handle the addition.
  • If you build and there is not a large enough system, you could get fined.  So please, call first.

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